We provide a range of industrial ride on floor scrubber dryers Kent available for hire or to purchase.


Ideal for Large Areas


Easy to Use


Increased Productivity & Comfort

Ride On Scrubber Dryers Kent – Discover More

Elevate your cleaning operations with our premium selection of ride on scrubber dryers Kent from leading brands such as Tennant, Hako and Karcher. These robust machines are designed to tackle large areas efficiently, making them perfect for shopping malls, warehouses, and large healthcare facilities where reducing cleaning time without compromising on cleanliness is crucial.

Our ride on scrubber dryers are chosen for their reliability, durability, and advanced cleaning technology. With user-friendly interfaces and superior maneuverability, these machines offer an optimal balance of performance and ease of use.

Tennant T12 Compact Ride-On Floor Scrubber

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Tennant T16 Industrial Ride-On Scrubber

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Tennant T17 Heavy-Duty Ride-On Floor Scrubber

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Tennant T20 Industrial Ride-On Scrubber-Sweeper

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Tennant M20 Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

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Hako Scrubmaster B120R Ride-On Scrubber

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Hako Scrubmaster B175R Ride-On Scrubber

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Hako Scrubmaster B260R Ride-On Scrubber

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Hako Scrubmaster B400R Ride-On Scrubber

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Hako Powerboss Combi Scrubber-Sweeper

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Ride On Scrubber Dryers Kent

Key Benefits of Our Ride On Scrubber Dryers Kent:

  • High Efficiency: Cover more ground faster with our powerful ride on machines. Ideal for large spaces, these scrubber dryers significantly cut down on cleaning time.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with the latest in cleaning technology, our scrubber dryers provide consistent, high-quality cleaning results.
  • Comfort and Control: Designed with operator comfort in mind, our machines feature ergonomic seating and easy-to-use controls, reducing operator fatigue during long shifts.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our models include features that minimize water and chemical usage, supporting your sustainability goals.

Optimize Your Facility’s Cleaning Routine

Choosing the right ride on scrubber dryer can transform the way you maintain your premises. Our models are particularly effective in environments such as:

  • Large Retail Centers: Keep shopping areas pristine and welcoming for customers.
  • Educational Campuses: Manage large school or university complexes with ease, ensuring all areas are consistently clean.
  • Industrial Sites: Tackle tough, industrial dirt and grime in manufacturing areas or workshops.

Not Sure Which Machine is Right for You?

Contact us today and our expert team will help you select the perfect ride on scrubber dryer that meets your specific needs. Learn more about our full range of floor cleaning machines.

Expand Your Cleaning Capabilities

For additional cleaning power or specialized needs, explore our complete lineup of Floor Cleaning Machines, including Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers. At Floor Cleaning Machine UK, we provide everything you need to keep your facility in top condition.

Why Choose Floor Cleaning Machine UK?

At Floor Cleaning Machine UK, we are dedicated to providing high-performance cleaning solutions. By partnering with us, you gain access to an extensive range of products from trusted brands like Tennant, Hako, and Karcher, all supported by our comprehensive customer service and expert advice.

Browse our selection of ride on scrubber dryers today and see how our machines can make a significant difference in your cleaning processes.