We provide a range of industrial ride on sweepers Kent, available for hire or to purchase.


Increased productivity


Operator comfort and reduced fatigue


Superior dust and debris collection

Range of Ride On Sweepers Kent – Explore more

Elevate your cleaning efficiency with our premium selection of Ride On Sweepers from leading brands Tennant, Hako, and Karcher. Designed for optimal performance and durability, these machines provide an unrivaled solution for large-scale cleaning tasks in commercial, industrial, and public spaces.

Each model we offer, from the robust Tennant sweepers known for their innovative technology to Hako’s reliability and Karcher’s precision engineering, is tailored to handle different environments and cleaning needs. Whether you require a heavy-duty sweeper for vast warehouse floors or a more versatile model for multifaceted environments like malls and parking lots, our range has the perfect solution.


Tennant 6100 Ride On Floor Sweeper

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Tennant S20 Compact Rider Sweeper

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Tennant S30 Industrial Rider Sweeper

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Hako Sweepmaster 900R Ride-On Sweeper

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Hako Sweepmaster 980R Ride-On Sweeper

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Hako Sweepmaster 1200RH Ride-On Sweeper

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Hako Sweepmaster 1500RH Ride-On Sweeper

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Karcher KM 90/60 Industrial Sweeper

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Karcher KM 100/120 Sweeper

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Ride On Sweepers Kent
What Are The Benefits 

Features and Benefits of Our Ride On Sweepers

  • Enhanced Productivity: Our ride on sweepers significantly increase cleaning speed and reduce labor costs, thanks to their large coverage area capabilities and extended run times without the need for frequent stops.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with the latest in cleaning technology, these sweepers offer features such as programmable cleaning modes, automatic debris adjustment, and eco-friendly options that minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.
  • Operator Comfort and Safety: Prioritizing operator comfort, each sweeper boasts ergonomic seating, intuitive controls, and safety features that ensure a secure cleaning operation.
  • Durability and Ease of Maintenance: Built to last, our sweepers are constructed with high-quality materials and are designed for easy access to parts for quick maintenance and minimal downtime.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling everything from fine dust to large debris, our sweepers are ideal for a variety of surfaces, including concrete, carpet, and asphalt.

Optimize Your Large-Scale Cleaning Operations

Choosing the right ride on sweeper can transform your cleaning processes, enhance the cleanliness of your facilities, and contribute to a healthier environment. Our models are specifically chosen to provide you with the best possible return on investment.

Ideal Applications Include:

  • Industrial Facilities: Manage debris and dust in manufacturing and storage areas efficiently.
  • Shopping Centers: Keep large commercial spaces consistently clean and welcoming for visitors.
  • Outdoor Areas: Maintain parking lots and pathways with ease, regardless of weather conditions.

Looking for Different Cleaning Solutions?

If you need to tackle different cleaning challenges, consider exploring our Pedestrian Sweepers for smaller or more congested areas, or our comprehensive range of Scrubber Dryers for deep cleaning needs. For more specialized cleaning machinery, check out our full lineup of Floor Cleaning Machines.

Contact Us for Expert Guidance

Not sure which ride on sweeper will best suit your needs? Our knowledgeable team is here to help. Contact us today for personalized advice and recommendations based on your specific requirements and budget.

Drive Your Cleaning Productivity With Our Ride On Sweepers

Invest in a ride on sweeper from our curated selection of top brands like Tennant, Hako, and Karcher, and experience the difference in quality and performance. Browse our products now to find the ideal model that aligns with your operational needs and enhances your cleaning regimen.